Storm Preparation

enero 4, 2021

Why is Roof Waterproofing Important for Your Home?

Roof waterproofing safeguards your roof from absorbing water, along with protecting against hailstorms and force winds. It adds an extra layer of protection that helps in […]
octubre 1, 2013

Things to do before the onset of hurricane season

You may have never cared for learning about last-minute rescue tips due to thinking that you may never have to come across a frightening experience of […]
junio 25, 2013

Go Tapeless in Order to Ensure Protection of Your Home and Family

An online survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that round about 7 out of 10 homeowners believe that the glass door and windows should be taped, […]
abril 17, 2013

Survival during a hurricane needs more determination & little preparation

Hurricanes are big monsters. Control on these is nearly impossible. It is really difficult to survive during such a tough time as the only place to […]
febrero 21, 2013

Hurricanes:only precaution can minimize damages

Hurricane is one of the most disastrous storm which takes many lives every year. There is no solution to this problem all one can do is […]
octubre 4, 2012

Ensure proper maintenance of your Shutters-Are they still fit for the purpose or they require an upgrade!

You have got best shutters for protecting your home from strong wind, torrential rains and flying debris, that’s perfect but are you sure that they will […]
junio 1, 2012

Be Prepared For the Upcoming Hurricane Season Which Promises To Be Rough

Although officially the hurricane season starts from first of June, we all have experienced a tropical storm well ahead of the scheduled time in the name […]
mayo 17, 2012

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Property for Hurricanes

In this age of advanced technologies and improvised methods of forecasting weather conditions, you and your home are still under the risk of hurricanes. In this […]