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Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. If there’s something you want to know which isn’t here, please send an email to


Using a local, licensed, and insured contractor with experience is crucial for home improvement projects in South Florida, especially because it is a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Here’s why:

  1. Knowledge of Local Codes and Regulations: Experienced local contractors are well-versed in the stringent building codes and regulations specific to HVHZ areas. They ensure that all installations meet or exceed these requirements, providing better protection against hurricanes.

  2. Quality Workmanship: Local contractors with a proven track record are more likely to deliver high-quality workmanship, ensuring that your home improvements can withstand the severe weather conditions common in South Florida.

  3. Proper Licensing and Insurance: Licensed contractors adhere to state and local guidelines, giving you peace of mind that they are qualified and authorized to perform the work. Insurance protects you from liability in case of accidents or damages during the project.

  4. Familiarity with HVHZ Challenges: Experienced local contractors understand the unique challenges posed by the HVHZ, such as strong winds and heavy rains. They use materials and techniques specifically designed to enhance the durability and resilience of your home.

  5. Quick Response and Support: Being local means contractors can quickly respond to your needs, whether it’s an initial consultation or a post-installation service call. This is particularly important in the aftermath of a storm when timely repairs may be necessary.

  6. Long-term Reliability: Established local contractors have a reputation to uphold within the community. They are more likely to be around to honor warranties and provide ongoing support, ensuring your home improvements remain effective over time.

By choosing a local licensed and insured contractor with experience, you can be confident that your home improvement projects are done right, providing the best protection and value for your investment in South Florida’s HVHZ.

Based on quotes I've gotten in the past, it seems like most contractors typically have the same types/lengths when it comes to warranties. What should be the determining factor when choosing between companies who offer the same warranty?

A: When contractors offer similar types and lengths of warranties, several other critical factors can help you make an informed decision:

  1. Reputation and Reviews: Check customer reviews and ratings on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. A company with consistently positive feedback is likely to provide better service and quality.

  2. Experience and Expertise: Consider the contractor’s experience, particularly with projects similar to yours. Experienced contractors are more likely to deliver high-quality workmanship and handle unexpected issues effectively.

  3. Local Presence and Longevity: A well-established local company is often more reliable and accessible. They are more likely to honor their warranties over the long term and provide prompt service when needed.

  4. Quality of Materials: Inquire about the materials each contractor uses. Higher quality materials can significantly impact the longevity and performance of your home improvements, even if the warranty length is the same.

  5. Certifications and Training: Look for contractors who have industry certifications and ongoing training. This indicates a commitment to staying updated with the latest techniques and standards.

  6. Customer Service: Evaluate the level of customer service you receive during the quoting process. A contractor who is responsive, transparent, and communicative is likely to provide a better overall experience.

  7. Detailed Proposals: Compare the detail and clarity of the proposals you receive. A thorough proposal that outlines every aspect of the project demonstrates professionalism and helps prevent misunderstandings.

  8. Post-Installation Support: Ask about the support provided after installation. Companies that offer robust post-installation services and maintenance can help ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your home improvements.

By considering these factors, you can choose a contractor who not only offers a solid warranty but also provides superior service, quality, and reliability.


Hiring the wrong home improvement company can lead to several issues, including:

  1. Poor Quality Workmanship: Inferior craftsmanship can result in subpar installations that may require frequent repairs or even complete redo.
  2. Inadequate Materials: Using low-quality materials can compromise the durability and effectiveness of your home improvements.
  3. Lack of Proper Licensing and Insurance: Unlicensed or uninsured contractors can leave you unprotected legally and financially if something goes wrong.
  4. Delayed Timelines: Unreliable companies may not adhere to agreed-upon schedules, causing significant delays in project completion.
  5. Hidden Costs: Some companies might provide low initial quotes but then add unexpected costs as the project progresses.
  6. Limited or No Warranty: Without proper warranties, you may have no recourse if the installation fails or issues arise after completion.
  7. Poor Communication: Lack of clear communication can lead to misunderstandings about project scope, progress, and expectations.
  8. Safety Hazards: Inexperienced or careless contractors can create safety hazards during the installation process, putting your home and family at risk.

To avoid these pitfalls, always ensure you choose a reputable, experienced, and well-reviewed home improvement company.

Are there any special warranties that Property Solutions offers other than the typical workmanship and product warranties?

Yes, we offer five additional warranties/guarantees to all our customers:

  1. Best Price Warranty: We assure you that the total price for the work specified in our agreement is the lowest available for the quality of materials and workmanship provided. If you choose to move forward with our company today, you have an additional 30 days to obtain other quotes. If, within 30 days, you receive a written quote from another company with equal specifications and lower pricing, we will match that price and give you an additional $100 discount.

  2. Double Lifetime Warranty: This warranty offers comprehensive, transferable coverage against defects in materials and workmanship. If you ever sell your home, this warranty transfers to the new homeowner, adding value to your property.

  3. Clean as We Found It Property Protection Guarantee: We ensure that your property, including lawns, shrubbery, carpeting, floors, walls, and furniture, is protected during our work. Any accidentally damaged property will be repaired or replaced, and we promise to leave your home as clean or cleaner than we found it.

  4. No Surprise Guarantee: This guarantee ensures that the price we agree upon is the final price you will pay. There are no surprise or additional charges after the work begins unless you request additional work that changes the original work order.

  5. Consistent Communication Guarantee: We promise to be proactive and consistent in our communication efforts. Our clients will always be informed about the stage of their project without needing to call us for updates. We ensure you will never have to wonder about the progress of your project because we will keep you informed every step of the way.

These additional warranties underscore our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

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