junio 25, 2013

Go Tapeless in Order to Ensure Protection of Your Home and Family

An online survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that round about 7 out of 10 homeowners believe that the glass door and windows should be taped, […]
junio 17, 2013

Hurricane shutters-A feasible alternative to impact resistant windows

In the wake of recurrent hurricanes, it has become imperative for the people to ensure protection to their homes. Though hurricane shutters have emerged as an […]
mayo 29, 2013

Accordion shutters: A versatile option to offer protection to your house

In past few years, the intensity and frequency of the hurricanes both have begun bothering the residents of the U.S. However, there are few regions in […]
mayo 22, 2013

Things to do before the hurricane season arrives

Hurricanes are proving to be the worst nightmares for the people, who live in hurricane prone areas. It has been observed that the frequency and intensity […]
mayo 16, 2013

Global warming and hurricanes – both detrimental to humanity

The moment, the entire world began witnessing hurricanes and other natural calamities on a frequent basis, everyone seems to ask this question or ponder upon this […]
mayo 9, 2013

Hurricane Shutters Types to Minimize the Damages of Hurricanes

Hurricane shutters have truly emerged as one of the most effective ways to minimize the damages of hurricanes and other destructive storms. These shutters are used […]
abril 29, 2013

Impact of hurricanes on little kids and elder people

Recently, one of the most powerful economies of World did experience one of the most devastating hurricanes of the century called Hurricane Sandy. It is extremely […]
abril 17, 2013

Survival during a hurricane needs more determination & little preparation

Hurricanes are big monsters. Control on these is nearly impossible. It is really difficult to survive during such a tough time as the only place to […]
abril 10, 2013

A Terrible Day it was – thanks to hurricane shutters

I remember what a terrible day it was when suddenly huge storm brushed against the windows and corridors of the house, the day began with signs […]